A few of my favorite things…(Part 1)

So much is out there demanding our attention in our world and through  our various media and technology.  Unfortunately, the time we focus on our walk with Jesus is at the center of the chaos bullseye.

Here is a list of some resources that I have found helpful for personal and spiritual learning and growth:


The audio podcast has become a personal favorite of mine.  So much so, that I push everyone I meet to give them a try as well.  With the ever increasing range of format and subject matter, there is no reason to not make these a part of your life.  Here are my regulars:

rs91_briefing-ampodcast-logo3The Briefing- “Daily News and Events, from a Christian Worldview”  R. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Seminary, spends about 15 minutes each day to engage with the happenings of our Genesis 3 world.  Through this podcast, we not only get updated on what is going on, but also how to think critically and biblically in response.

-Perfect for the commute or the time it takes to pack lunches for the kids.

Thinking in Public- “Intelligent conversation about important theological and cultural issues with the people who are shaping them.”  Yes it’s Al Mohler again, but I find his approach to his short daily podast (The Briefing) and this longer form format to be so refreshing and so needed in our world.  In this podcast (Usually around 50 minutes), Mohler has a conversation with authors and leaders that are involved in particular research and cultural practice that Christians need to take notice of.  We need to be students of our world, so that the light of Christ, through us, can reach out to that world.

-Longer form perfect for your weekly long run or sunday afternoon during naps.

The Accidental Creative- “How to thrive in the create-on demand world”  Todd Henry, a creative professional and consultant, shares his thoughts (and others’ thoughts) on how to be healthy, prolific and brilliant when your job demands fresh creativity everyday.  I would recommend this for anyone in a leadership or create-on-demand capacity.

-Short form (usually 20 min. or less) great as a regular part of your day or in case of a creative slump emergency.


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