NJ Pastor is Offline (Part 1)

If you haven’t heard about pastor that is telling his staff to get off Facebook, you can read about it here and here.

In my opinion, the pastor is misinformed and moving in a direction that is simply not helpful.

Here is his main argument:

In his pastoral counseling, he has seen a increase of people using Facebook to reignite old flames.  People essentially think that what they are doing is hidden and anonymous.  This leads to a trail of deception and is highly damaging to their marriages and families.

Of course, this is true.  People are guilty of this.  However, I don’t think that the problem is the social network itself.  I definitely don’t think the answer is leaving the network in protest.  Yet this is what he has determined for the others on staff:

It’s to the point now that this Sunday, anyone in our church in a leadership position and who is married and is on Facebook has to resign their church position if they do not give up Facebook.

Bad idea…and it really doesn’t make sense.

Suppose people use automobiles to drive themselves to bad places where they engage in bad behavior.  Are the cars to blame…or the roads…should they be abandoned and torn up.  Or what about those pesky restaurants where people eat way too much food.  Should we stop going to out to eat.

It is the same with social networking.  Sure, people abuse it.  People take advantage of the connection it enables and use it for sinful purposes.  Since the dawn of time this is the plight of man.

Most importantly, we should not remove ourselves from the environments that so desperately need the Gospel.  A better line of action would be to encourage our pastors and leaders to engage their communities and people through the social networks.  We should show that our ‘online life’ and our real life actually have no distinction.

If we are so quick to remove ourselves from such engagement, we may actually be ensuring that the negative and destructive behavior will remain unchecked.


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