Think Thursday-Runaway Car

City of Black and WhiteStop this runaway car
I want to get off, I want to go back
If I left you there then I left it all behind

‘Cause all I’m feeling now
Is the weight of the world bearing down
I don’t have answers for any of my questions anymore

‘Cause I might have been wrong
I might have been scared, all alone
I might have been standing on the top of the world
What a difference a day makes
I turned and watched you walk away
I might have been standing on the top of the world
‘Cause I might have been wrong

You can listen to the Full Song HERE.

I got a hold of this album recently and couldn’t have predicted the timeliness of it.

The whole CD is full of songs about our journey here on God’s earth.  At times His plan is clear, at times it only brings questions and heartache.  Through it all we are reminded that “we are not that far, not that gone”.  We see in the pain and suffering that we endure that it is not an absence of His presence but, on the contrary, it is Him pulling us closer to Himself, closer to Love.

I like this particular song because of it’s humility.  I might have been wrong.  I might have been scared.  Who knows…things could have been just fine…but wow, what a difference a day makes.  Regardless of what it was, I see that if I left Him behind…that is the point that things went haywire.

If we move from the place of communion with Jesus our lives will become a runaway car.  We are filled with questions and we bear a weight that is meant to press us back to Him.

Where I find myself today is that strange place of just asking the questions.  Where am I Lord?  How did I get here?  What does this weight mean?  Lord, help me.

I would recommend picking up the CD if you get a chance.  It has been an encouragement to me…who knew?…well…


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