Special Announcement

Under Construction

Website Under Construction

Here are a few things we’re working on that will hopefully improve your experience with this website:

Weekly Posts

Alongside the usual random thoughts and reflections, we will be writing special articles for every day of the week.  It will go like this:

Monday: Music or Movies

Tuesday: Truth

Wednesday: Web (Websites, Articles and Links)

Thursday: Think

Friday: Fun or Family

This will begin the week of July 27th.  Come back and check it out!

New Address

This site is now located at gatheringmedia.com.  A little shorter than the old url.  The .com “gathermedia” was taken so we went with a second choice.  I think it still captures the essence of what we are trying to do.  We want to gather the books, music, links and articles that will be helpful to parents and children as they continue to mature in their walk with Christ.  You will still be forwarded to the new site from our old address, but we thought we’d let you know.

New Main Page

This is something totally new that we will be launching soon.  When you first visit the site, you will not go directly to the blog.  What you will see is a quick look of all the most recent articles, reviews, events, etc.  From there you can go where you wish.  We’re gonna try this out.  Let us know what you think.


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