Introducing the Gather Media Podcast

Gather Media PodcastThis idea hit me a few weeks ago.  I had a question on my mind…Would there be a way to get audio versions of our teaching and curriculum into the hands and ears of our students and parents?  I though through a number of options.  The one that made the most sense to me was creating a podcast.

Podcasts are automatically updated audio content and are able to be played on computers, cell phones and iPods.  It seemed like the best way to provide this resource in a common form and method.

The Gather Media Podcast will feature our curriculum….The Gather Cafe Podcast (Part of our sister site will capture the more casual side of what we do…the reviews, interviews and thoughts and reflections.  The Cafe is something I am just getting going…so be patient it will be developing into a worthy site and podcast soon.

If you would like to explore and subscribe to these podcasts, go to the “Podcast” tab at the top of this page.  Click on the images to subscribe using iTunes. (You can also just click on the image in this post)

If you don’t have iTunes yet, you can download it for free by clicking THIS LINK.

You can access right now the Small Group lessons that we have been going through during Gather Round the past three weeks.


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