Gathering Together- Part 1

March 09The month of March is underway and we are having a good time testing out our new structure.  We’ve attempted to create a way to put in practice our guiding principles for student ministry:

1.  Parent Driven

2.  Word Based

3.  Relationship Focussed

4.  Intentional and Effective Impact

What we’ve come up with is a potential structure that will work at achieving all of these.  March is a trial run of this new structure and we’re already seeing good things and learning a lot.

Gather IN

On Sunday, March 1st, we had all of the youth (Grades 5-12) and their parents out for a night of group games (still laughing about Chris Koterman tackling students), some good food, a time of teaching and some music.  We had a great turn out and from what I could tell, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  

I was able to introduce the theme for the month as well: Bring Out the Book.  We discussed from three key passages in 2 Timothy the importance and priority of the Word of God.  

The Word Was…God has been specially using His revealed Word throughout history as His main form of communication with us (2 Tim. 3:16-17)…

The Word Is…We now have a call to be in God’s Word, knowing it and studying it.  We should make every effort to be good workmen, knowing that God is watching.  So we have something to do right now (2 Tim. 2:15)…

The Word Will Be…Looking forward we know that we have something to do…and through God’s Word we have something to proclaim…Preach the Word…and we should be ready…prepared to proclaim…because there will be a time, indeed we are in that time, when people will give up God’s Word and pursue whatever they want…Whatever makes them feel good…not necessarily what they need (2 Tim. 4:1-4).

After seeing all of this, our response can simply be…Speak, O Lord.  

We must listen to God’s Word.  We must humble ourselves and be looking for His will.  We learn this through the Word that He has given us.  We must live for His Glory and make every effort to know Him…and then, when the time comes, we should proclaim Him without shame…with the confidence that comes through the Holy Spirit at work in us through the Word implanted in us.

All in all, Gather IN was a good night.  It was a great way to kick off the month.

Stay tuned for an update on how Gather Round is going.


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