50 Reason Why Jesus Came to Die

50 ReasonsI know it seems like we just celebrated Christmas, but it is time to start thinking about Easter.  This Saturday will mark 50 days until Easter.  I would recommend picking up a book like John Piper’s 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die.  The chapters are 2-3 pages in length and would be an easy daily read for families, small groups or individuals.  

This book simply walks through the Biblical answers to the title question.  Not only is this book a great way to look forward to our most important yearly celebration, it is also a well crafted Biblical study revealing the beauty and power of the Cross of Christ.

The question that the title captures is the essential question that every person on our planet must face and wrestle with.  Especially now, during a time when even “Christians” are debating and even neglecting this central doctrine of our faith, a book like this will be a necessary encouragement and corrective teacher that we all need.  

The format of the book makes the content accessible to any age and for people like me who find it difficult to actually complete a book, this is easy on the stress levels.  Just think….in 50 days…I will have completed a book.  

You can pick up a copy at your local Christian bookstore or at DesiringGod.com.


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