Honor and Fear the Lord

If then I am a father, where is my honor? if I am a master, where is my Fear? Malachi 1:6

I had the privilege recently of preaching during the morning sevice at our church.  We are in a study of the book of Malachi.  This last book of the Old Testament deals directly with God’s people, admonishing them for turning away from God and following their own law and desires.  My passage was Ch. 1:6-2:9.  This section covers a “heart issue” that always proves damaging to our faithfulness to God and our witness to others: refusing to honor and fear the Lord.

When God is not honored and feared, essentially we are saying He is not Lord of our life.  When this is so, our actions and words become corrupted and reproachable.  God is not pleased with this.  His name (His character and authority) is to be holy and set apart.  Others are supposed to see our honor and fear of Him (in our right actions and words) and glorify Him as well.

Thankfully, God will correct us as children, turning us from ourselves to a place of willing submission once more.  Praise be to God that He is so gracious.

Here is the video of that sermon:


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