Kid On A Leash

Kid on a LeashIt always makes me laugh when I see a kid on a leash.  Have you seen this?  You can buy this little toddler-sized backpack…which usually looks like a bear or other stuffed animal…and it is attached to a leash.  Put your kid in the backpack…and lead him around the mall.  I think this is hilarious!

Here’s the kicker…We own one.  

I know it is sad.

But it definitely meets a need for a parent…the child needs a little freedom…but not too much.  If she heads in the wrong direction…just a slight tug on the leash…which usually results in her toppling over (also very funny)…she gets the idea and learns what to avoid and what is safe.

This is a simple way to understand the second M in our M5…Admonishing: warning, gently correcting…bringing back onto the right path…in the right direction…like a kid on a leash.


2 thoughts on “Kid On A Leash

  1. Ha! I’ve always hated the kid leash! Funny how different views are both so believable! I feel that mine is right, but you don’t have to 😉 I always viewed it as an easy out for parents from holding hands & having to pay attention to their children, But then again, now that I have 3 of my own, if we have number 4 someday… I just might consider the kid leash!

    Later – Chris

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