Pursuing Discernment


cover2Tim Challies’ The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment is one of the only books that I have come across that does such a great job addressing the topic of spiritual discernment.  The author spends most of the time just laying out what the Bible says about the nature of discernment and how pursuing it and maintaining it is a sign of true spiritual growth.  While keeping a focused Biblical line, Challies also gives very practical help with understanding the benefits and dangers of exercising this gift.  The last chapter leads the reader through an exercise of putting Biblical discernment into practice.

We need to know God’s Word.  The more we listen to His voice, and hear what He desires of us and the world, the more we will be able to discern what is God-glorifying and what is not.  We should learn to test what we read, see and hear against the testimony and truth of Scripture.  When we find error in the messages and content of the culture around us we can reject it with the confidence gained through this discipline.  This is greatly needed in our world today.

From the Introduction:

“It is my hope and prayer that this book will stir you and me and others to answer the call for discernment so that together we may learn to discern truth from error, good from bad, better from best.  I trust that God will equip us to think biblically about life so that we may bring Him all glory, praise and honor. “

This book has been a great blessing to me personally, and I would definitely put it on the short list for some of my favorites.  The book is easy to read and the content is accessible to all ages.

I would highly recommend this book for personal and group study.

Reviewed by Randall Ross


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