Future Memory

new_yearAt our student ministry New Year’s bash, we discussed what we all hope the year ahead will look like for us.  We did this through a future memory exercise.  We had in front of us a page from a scrapbook.  But, instead of a picture in the frame,  it was blank.  We were then asked to write in the frame what we hope will be the best memory of the year ahead…what we want this next year to be remembered for.  I know it was a little confusing at the start…but it caught on and we got some good things down on paper.

Here is a sampling of what people wrote:

I want 2009 to be the year that I do a lot of growing up and getting closer to the Lord as I move on in my life.

I want to be a nicer person and my family to get along.

Stronger in everything…School…Character…God…Family…Relationships

Peace on earth- in the financial crisis, unemployment to end. 

Discipline in faith, body and work.

Spending time with family.

Everybody being friends.

I want to read the Bible more and grow in faith in Jesus.

Love for Jesus.

Forgiveness, Hope, Praise, Love, Sharing

Bible study, daily prayer and exercise.

Deep faith.

Closer to Christ.

There were many more cards, but I make note of these for one reason.  All of them are possible through the reality of the finished work of and a relationship with…Jesus.  Friendship, growth, peace….all good things to hope for…but all things that are impossible in their truest sense apart from Christ.

I find the results of this brief exercise to be very encouraging.  We need to know that there are many students, parents, leaders, etc. that desire the next year to be remembered for one thing….That Jesus was the goal, the focus, and the means to accomplish everything we hope for.  Know that you have people to journey with you in the year ahead.  Let’s pursue Christ together.


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